Ecocinema is Israel’s only Education-Entertainment (Edutainment) initiative dealing with environmental challenges. As we work to enrich the environmental discourse in Israel via cultural means, we remain the only organization utilizing cutting-edge environmental films from around the world, and operating outdoor renewable energy cultural venues.

Established at 2004, 80,000 people have participated in our events. We hosted acclaimed international guests such as Thomas Friedman, Pulitzer Prize winner journalist of the New York Times, with his film "Addicted to Oil" , and Louis Palmer, director of the Swiss Solar Taxi project who toured across Israel with us. Ecocinema has specialized in creating cultural events based on solar energy, such as Solar Cinema events, reaching large audiences with the message of our ability to enjoy our culture while shifting to clean energy.

Ecocinema's goals are to educate and raise the Israeli public’s awareness of the current environmental issues through cinema and visual media, using methods of Edutainment. Furthermore, we wish to promote and assist in the creation of environmental films among Israeli filmmakers.

The Education Project

Ecocinema fils are now used in most of the Israeli High Schools. We have created an educational kit including Films dealing with the major Environmental issues, adjusted to the needs and abilities of the Jewish and the Arabic education systems, and including activities for the class before and after the screening. 75,000 High school students watch and discuss these films each year. The educational kits are used in a variety of classes, including Geography, Science (Biology, Chemistry), English, Film and Communication.

Energy Bike

In addition to our Solar Cinema, our new fun and energy events include bicycle powered outdoor Cinema. We will invite bicycle riders to take part in producing the electricity needed for the screening, and create an event which demonstrates the need to use energy efficiently and wisely.